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Tue Aug 26 20:32:52 ~
artic said:
chuckles god are you here?

Tue Aug 26 09:39:20 ~
Noble said:
I resemble that remark

Tue Aug 26 01:06:44 ~
artic said:
God Exists?

Sun Aug 24 05:43:30 ~
Love God said:

Sat Aug 23 19:41:13 ~
sweet bree said:
Walking in timidly and kneeling not knowing if one such as I would be allowed the honor of worshipping the Goddess.

Fri Aug 22 19:54:37 ~
artic said:
dances in the study while cleaning it, now all the furtniture has been moved. sporadically posting the addiction not yet fully srted but needing to actually get the house back in order. one thing to totally rearrange the house while He is away another thing to get it back in order before he returns

Fri Aug 22 19:29:55 *
brenda 2 said:

Fri Aug 22 16:03:04 ~
artic said:
I think it counts the ghosts in see all but I could be wrong

Fri Aug 22 15:57:53 *
Jack Carter said:
Makes no sense to the future, but please know, it made no sense at the time.

Fri Aug 22 15:55:28 *
Jack Carter said:
5 spirits?!! How did that happen?

Fri Aug 22 09:13:26 ~
articz said:
drops off some spagboll on table five.

Wed Aug 20 13:16:26 ~
Noble said:
loiters at table 5 for a few...

Wed Aug 20 05:27:48 *
artic_z said:
whistles through

Mon Aug 18 05:56:37 *
artic97 said:
interesting comment I should however take my reading into a slightly more apporiate setting vanishes for z2

Mon Aug 18 05:55:37 *
artic97 said:
two in a row vanished.. how strange. ahh well

Mon Aug 18 05:47:57 *
artic97 said:
must be tired keep making dumb mistakes. yawns again what lite reading should I do tonight.

Mon Aug 18 05:31:15 *
artic97 said:
blows some dust bubbles into the sky

Mon Aug 18 05:29:05 *
artic97 said:
tries to remember her password again.. blurg.

Mon Aug 18 05:24:06 *
artic97 said:
stares hard at the ghosts in the room..

Mon Aug 18 05:15:14 *
artic97 said:
curses quietly and attempts to pull a video off her iphone and in case anyone was wondering it is the most unkinky video in the world. Unless you have a strange fetish for cows and people that like cows.. oh wait a minute that could be a strande fetish .. but its not you'll have to trust me on that one

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