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Tue Sep 30 17:54:43 ~
ember said:
Knock, knock, knock...... Penny
Knock, knock, knock...... Penny
Knock, knock, knock...... Penny

Mon Sep 29 00:18:40 *
jerseysioophcf said to
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Thu Sep 25 14:24:14 *
jerseysioophcf said to
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Thu Sep 25 13:51:00 *
jerseysioophcf said to
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Tue Sep 23 15:12:07 *
NotDeadWait said:
*Group Hug* ...I'll try to be square.

Tue Sep 23 15:05:21 *
NotDeadWait said:
No soul has ever been content. We never will.

Tue Sep 23 15:03:06 *
NotDeadWait said:

Mon Sep 22 10:52:37 *
jerseyssdedfe said to
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Mon Sep 22 10:46:35 *
jerseyssdedfe said to
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Fri Sep 19 16:14:13 ~
ember said:

Fri Sep 19 16:09:13 ~
artic said:
dances through as she keeps losing her handle and ending up here singing.. As you walk on by will you call me name.. Or will walk away.. Will you walk away.. Will you walk on by.. Come on call my name,, will you call my name,, I say la.. Lal la la llaa..

Thu Sep 18 22:05:02 *
jerseyssdedfe said to
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Thu Sep 18 21:54:19 *
jerseyssdedfe said to
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Mon Sep 15 06:13:46 *
visitor said:
Booted here as well

Fri Sep 12 07:27:20 ~
Holly Harper said:
wanders through and wonders????????

Fri Sep 12 01:04:02 ~
artic said:
More amusement at the end of the week... "Right artic clothes off you're coming for a drink" whaaaaaaaa oh. Close off not clothes grins who can resist such an offer

Thu Sep 11 21:57:15 ~
artic said:
It isn't just my brain being turned on right now .. Everywhere I look sex is cropping up. Case in point points to the sign at her nearby cafe

Mon Sep 08 18:44:35 *
jerseysdt8963 said to
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Mon Sep 08 18:39:37 *
jerseysdt8963 said to
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Mon Sep 08 11:22:52 ~
Noble said:
Yeah...I'd say you're too sober if you can still do all that math...chuckles...

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